What’s So Special about Rejuran Treatments?

These days everyone is so conscious about getting flawless and pore less skin that they are ready to go for every kind of treatment available in the market. Singapore is also going in that direction, especially females who wish to have clean and flawless skin. There are plenty of other procedures available as far as skin treatment is concerned, which also includes botox or fillers; however as compared to rejuran treatment, others may not allow skin to heal naturally because these are considered mere cosmetic boosts to the skin.

What is Rejuran Treatment?

A well-known Korean treatment or healing process which involves anaesthetics process of skin regeneration. The treatment is also known as “baby skin injection”. It takes into account smaller fragments of DNA which matches the skin to be healed and thus help in the natural process of healing and regeneration. It is similar to baby like skin treatment procedure.

The procedure is easily available in Singapore, but masses at the moment are not fully aware of its use, procedure and benefits when compared with other available procedures of skin treatment. It helps in the fundamental treatment of skin which involves natural process with no ageing signs.

Rejuran: is it a Booster or a Healer for Skin?

For some clients and practitioners, the procedure is more like a healer, while for others it is much better option than going for filler. The cellular composition of the skin, which is mainly fibronectin, collagen and elastin are help to heal themselves after application, thus many prefer calling the procedure healer. It is always advisable to check the practicality, testing of the procedure before opting for it.

Some facts about Rejuran Treatment

The treatment mainly comes from salmon DNA, which is said to improve the DNA of the skin. It hydrates, increases elasticity and improves the overall looks of the skin. One of the main components of the treatment is fish oil, which is mainly taken with the help of simple pill and is made up of salmon fish DNA. The base structure of the salmon is similar to that of human base structure.

When is Rejuran Treatment is Needed?

A commonly asked question is: when to opt for the treatment? For instance, can young women and girls can also go for the procedure or should only older people go for Rejuran treatments? It is said that with rejuran, the signs and expected symptoms of ageing go away, which include:

  • Better the elasticity of the skin
  • It helps and lifts the sagging of the skin
  • It also lessens and improves the presence of wrinkles on skin, especially face

The above mentioned are best for old people, whereas for young people it also addresses the woes of skin, which could appear earlier. On the other hand, for better treatment of acnes and blemishes, every age issue these days; can also be taken away from this treatment. It soothes the skin, lessen the pores and protect the dermis layer of the skin.

The procedure is given to the patients without injecting any anaesthesia, so it can cause little pain and thus it is better to inform patients before the start of the procedure about the uneasiness they may feel during the process.