Symptoms and Recommended Treatments of Golfer’s Elbow

Symptoms of Golfer’s Elbow

For better treatment of Golfer’s elbow, it is good to have proper diagnosis first. Person with the issue can show following symptoms:

  • Weaknesses: one symptom of golfer elbow is having weakness in the wrists and hands.
  • Feeling stiffness: elbow may also become stiff, and could lead to hurting fist as well.
  • Numbness and Tingling: feeling of numbness in the fingers, especially in the little finger.
  • Feeling of tenderness and pain: on the inner side of the elbow, pain starts and leads to the forearm. For some patients, the intensity of pain also increases when movement in certain dimension is made.

What is more is that Singapore is one of the best medically equipped countries of the world with their hospitals offering state of the art services such as professionally trained doctors and physicians. By setting these standards Singapore has further proven their strong footing within the international medical community.

This has had an immense influence on which conditions to prioritize. As the medical care and attention is being offered in in such a wide range of options, the death rate has dropped and there has been an increase in the elderly populace demographic.

The Elderly and Muscle Pain

The number one thing affecting the elderly populace is joint and muscle pain. This doesn’t come as a surprise as naturally when the human body gets older, it cannot seem to carry its own weight. Everyday tasks begin to feel like a hassle.

One condition most common amongst older folks is the joint and muscle pain known as golfer’s elbow. This condition involves severe pain around the upper arm elbow area and around the wrist. The pain starts off from the inside of the elbow and goes down to the muscles of the wrist making it exceptionally painful and not confined to just one area but your whole arm. Luckily there have been various breakthroughs in the remedies aimed to relieve pain.

Treatment for Golfer’s Elbows

Because of the constant advancement of medical research and practice there are solutions to golfer’s elbows that are both modern and traditional. Though the more modernistic approaches might have an effective and fast effect, research has shown these methods aren’t as effective long-term. Take steroid injections as an example.  A corticosteroid injection is injected into the pained area and it acts fast eliminating the pain and even restores mobility back to the joint and arm. However, patients who use this method have reported that the longer they use this injection the faster the results seem to wear off every time they inject it.

When it comes to more traditional methods, physical therapy seems to do the trick for muscle pain relief. There are trained physicians readily available in almost all hospitals in Singapore who can expertly assist with exercises and massages to help elevate the pain and provide relief to the aching area when done consistently.

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