Should You Go for a Traditional Solution or a Modern Approach for Tennis Elbow Treatment?

Singapore’s Medical Reputation and Treatments

It is to no one’s surprise that Singapore is one of the world’s leading nations in their healthcare programs. After all, it was ranked 6th in the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems in the year 2000. This healthcare system is run by the Singaporean government, and they provide universal healthcare to their citizens. While this may sound tempting enough for you to become a Singapore citizen yourself, you should keep in mind that however universal their healthcare might be, the only citizens with completely free healthcare are the elderly and those with exceptionally good insurance policies.

That said, while the healthcare is not totally outright free, you can count on the services available in their hospitals absolutely apt at handling medical emergencies and crises. They have state of the art machines (X-ray, MRI, CT etc.) which are efficient at their job in taking care of patients and producing the most accurate results. Aside from the already existing procedures and medical technologies present, medical research is also one of the top priorities of the Singaporean healthcare sector which was ranked the most efficient healthcare system in the world in 2014 by Bloomberg.

Tennis Elbow Injury Epidemic

While all this is well and good, when it comes to specific maladies, you can count on the efficiency of the hospitals and doctors of Singapore to give you the best cures available. Tennis elbow injuries are a serious concern amongst the ever-growing elderly population in Singapore and all over the world. Though it may seem like an athletic injury, you don’t even have to have ever pick up a tennis racquet to contract this pain because these usually are caused by using and overusing the tendons and muscles in the forearm area near or around the elbow. One can easily contract this condition simply by doing everyday household chores: picking up children, hauling heavy laundry baskets, anything can trigger this painful condition to occur in the elbow and arm region.

Traditional Solution or Modern Approach?

For reason this there are have been multiple breakthroughs in both medical research and cures aimed at ridding the pain from one’s body for good, for tennis elbow treatment and others. While some medical centers have introduced new innovative ways of curing this: such as the brand new ‘Chiro for Elbow’ treatment which they have marketed out for being 100% natural and requiring no surgery, other doctors still recommend a more traditional means of remedies.

These include staying away from steroids while undergoing pain; treating the pained area with ice; exercising programs specifically designed to elevate pain from the arms and elbow regions, and even joint manipulation used by physical therapists where they knead and/or massage the pained region in effective ways.

Myofascial Release as a Treatment

Other treatments include ‘Myofascial Release’ which includes a detailed therapeutic massage which can help elevate pain and restore mobility to the elbow joint. This massage deals internally “to separate layers of fascia”. These are the connective tissues within our muscles that deal with tension when muscles are contracted. Though these are advised to be sought only from licensed physical therapists as they know the internal situation which is causing the pain in the elbow joints.

Overall, Singapore is one of the best places where one can access reliable and the finest healthcare programs in the world. No matter how big or small your medical condition might be, you can count on Singapore’s diverse medical sector to aid you in your time of medical attention.