Reviews of Back Pain Alleviating Mattresses in Singapore

Singapore is full of different mattress brands and models, which vary based on their thicknesses and innovation. The article will help you in selecting the right mattresses based upon the reviews of each, the success of their mattress back-pain alleviation for users and the reasons why they are some of the best mattress choices in Singapore.

Haylee mattresses: Considering the weather conditions of Singapore, Haylee mattress is the perfect choice. Their mattresses are 6 inches in terms of thickness, which provides comfort to the back and the gel gives cooling effect. Such mattresses are perfect for Singapore weather and it comes with a warranty of at least 10 years. Companies providing the mattress also have the provision of easy and speedy delivery, thus if you plan to get one, just call.

Baton Mattresses: These mattresses are available in both hybrid and regular quality depending upon the level of thickness and firmness. Firm level for regular is 9, whereas hybrid has a thickness of 8. Another special feature of baton mattress is that it is free of any harmful chemical, which could harm anyone’s health. If you are still not sure about buying these mattresses, then try their 30-day free trial offer.

Seahorse Mattresses: These mattresses are considered very famous in Singapore due to their good standards. The mattresses are though very light but highly durable. They can be used for a 10-year period.

Maxcoil Mattresses: This type is widely available in Singapore in different styles, forms and price range. Common available brands particularly for back pain are Bamboo, OxygenPlus, FORREST, Silk, Aloe Vera, Biorytmic and Silvercare. Some are available with only selected retailers whereas others can easily be found everywhere.

Sleepy Night Mattresses: If you want value of your money and good remedy for your back pain, then select sleepy night mattresses. Some has spring settings with coil and other are available in form. For tired minds and body, sleepy night provides best night sleep which is free of any pain and discomfort.

Sealy Mattresses: These mattresses are specially designed in consultation with orthopaedic in Singapore. After figuring out what gives individual good sleep, every element in the mattresses is a well thought out. Also, one may find the same mattresses in different stores under different names, like Hybrid, Enhance, Aspire etc.

Noa Mattresses: This mattress for back pain initially started in Canada but has now made its way to Singapore. Also, you can order and buy the mattress online. The mattresses also come with long warranty of at least 15 years because it is very finely made with as many as 7 layers. It is amalgamation of pocket springs, memory foam, tencel, gel infused, base support foam, natural latex and base cover.

Woosa Mattresses: Yet another name in the mattresses for back pain is Woosa mattresses. They are specially designed mattresses which are made in Belgium and sold in Singapore. Retailers also come with a special offer of returning mattresses in the next 10 years in case you don’t like the quality. Mattresses is thick with polyester filling which are comfortable for back pain.

Above are some of the mostly commonly available and comfortable mattresses for back pain available in Singapore. Pay a visit to any of their showrooms and try them for yourself.