How to Determine if Your Queen-size Mattress is Too Firm

You have probably heard that a firm queen size mattress is the best one. If you are buying a mattress for the first time, you will perhaps be drawn to the firmest mattress you can find. However, some mattresses are too hard. How do you tell if you are sleeping on one that is harmful to your body?

You wake up feeling too stiff

If at the end of a few hours of sleep, your body is not rested, but instead feels too stiff, you may need to replace that mattress. A queen-size mattress that is too firm will not make it possible for you to rest. Your body will be the first one to warn when the mattress is too hard.

Waking up sore

This is a sign that there is a problem with your mattress. Even when you take medication, the problem will persist until you replace the mattress. The mattress may be too soft, so it affects the alignment of your spine, or too hard that you are not comfortable even in your sleep. Other parts of your body that are likely to develop aches include your neck and shoulders. The part of your body that aches depends on the side you sleep on. Side sleepers require softer mattresses while those that sleep on their backs need to have firmer mattresses.

Trouble falling asleep

For you to easily fall asleep, you need to be comfortable. Although you might be tossing and turning for various reasons, one of them could be because the mattress is too hard. If the room is warm enough, your nightwear is comfortable, and you are not stressed, your mattress is the likely culprit. Under the right conditions, you should easily fall asleep, especially if you have had a long day. However, if you are exhausted, but your body fails to shut down, you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

Waking up feeling like you have not rested

After eight hours of sleep, you should wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. However, if you still feel tired when you wake up, or if you feel like you do not have the energy to get through your tasks during the day, it would probably help if you changed your mattress. Otherwise, you will have more unproductive days until you get to the root cause of your fatigue.

You sleep better on your couch than on your bed

Sometimes signs that your queen-size mattress is hampering the quality of your sleep may not be obvious. However, it would help if you observed your choices, especially when it comes to where you get the best sleep. If you find yourself going for the couch constantly because you feel well rested every time you sleep there and feel groggy when you sleep on your bed, it is time to change your mattress.

By observing your body’s response after a night’s sleep, you will be able to tell if it is time to get another mattress because your current one is worn out, or too stiff.