How to Care for Tennis Elbow and Further Treatments

Medical Care and Support in Singapore

One can easily attest to Singapore being one of the world’s leading countries with a firm footing in both medical treatments and research. The country has long been investing in ingenious and innovative ideas that benefit those in the medical profession and those who are seeking medical treatments to aid them with their conditions. It is also to be noted that Singapore provides universal healthcare for its citizens to a large extent.

While being ahead of their other Asian counterparts, Singapore prides itself in being renowned all over the world for their contributions to medical science. These are in array of medical fields which can range from neurosurgery to everyday common maladies such as joint pain and the occasional migraines. Singapore’s diverse medical specialists are more than qualified (and because of the universal healthcare plan provided to their citizens by the Singaporean government) and equipped to help their patients. These doctors will not only diagnose your condition but also will help you overcome them by either suggesting modern solutions such as surgery or even traditional methods which appeal more to the elderly demographic.

The Elderly Demographic

Talking about the elderly demographic, in the last decade Singapore’s resident population has grown older with more elderly and fewer younger people. As at end-June, the proportion of residents aged 65 years and over has increased from 8.7% in 2008 to 13.7% in 2018. So while the senior citizen population is growing in Singapore, so too are their problems. One of which is known as ‘tennis elbow’ and it is far too common.

Tennis Elbows: Causes

Very simply, tennis elbow is caused by repeatedly overusing the muscles in the upper arm, elbow area which causes tension within the tendon present in one’s arm. As people get older so too their bodies and any ordinary activity starts taking toll on their bodies. For this growing concern there have been many breakthroughs when it comes to muscle related conditions which help aid relief for those looking for tennis elbow treatments and therapies.

This injury also occurs in individuals heavily involved in sports or those of high intensities therefore with high impact on joints and tendons. These can be both aided by modern remedies as well as traditional.

Tennis Elbows: Treatments

Take the latest the simplest traditional method: exercise programs designed to elevate pain and bring back mobility to the arm. These are specially intended to relieve pain by helping blood flow within tendons of the pained region because the affected muscles do not receive as much oxygen and blood-levels as regularly functioning muscles. It would be wise to seek this sort of treatments from professionally licensed physical therapists who are trained to handle the sore muscles with the care they need.

There is an abundance of specially trained physical therapists who can be found in hospitals all over Singapore who can help assist anyone suffering from tennis elbows and other muscle related pain. They may supervise your exercises while they are present and even give you some to do on your own to increase your chance of ridding the pain in your elbow joint for good.

For any and all joint related pains or any other medical conditions it is a safe bet that Singapore is one the top places in the world where you can get a safe, reliable and effect treatment, no matter how big or small your condition may be. It is wise to seek professional help and resolve your injury or issue as soon as possible.