How Rejuran Works and is it the Treatment for You?

The latest in cosmetics that Singapore has been obsessing over is Rejuran treatment that is available in certain cosmetic clinics in the country. Also known as the “miracle treatment” or the “baby skin treatment”, is an anti-aging and skin boosting that helps in healing it. Originally, the process came from Korea. Humans have always been obsessing over their looks. The thirst for beauty has been around forever and the means to quench it have always simultaneously popped up. With latest research put into the cosmetic industry, due to the ever increasing demand, better solutions keep coming up. And the birth of this treatment of Rejuran in Singapore is no different.

Treating Your Skin

The skin is subjected to all kinds of ill-treatment ranging from pollutants in the air to sun damage. The effects of this harm is not only irreversible but more damaging. The scars from acne not only multiply over time but stay forever. Thus, those treatments that not only tone down the skin but reverse the aging process are in much demand.

How Rejuran Treatment Works

The Rejuran process is a non-surgical and noninvasive treatment that uses injectable formula. This formula consists of polynucleotides that are derived from salmon DNA. The reason why DNA from salmon is used is because it resembles in its form to that of a human. Before being sold to the clinics and cosmetic doctors the formula is modified to be coherent to human application. All the dangerous protein is removed making it safe to use. Before being injected, the area is numbed with a numbing cream. The results are not immediate as are seen with fillers because this is a rejuvenating procedure so the healing shows results after at least 4 weeks of application. A touch every 6 to 12 month of period can dramatically improve results. Although a little limited in the research of any dangers that this treatment might have, the people who have used it complain of no such thing. Rejuran has produced some very satisfied customers.

Who can Adopt this Procedure?

This procedure is useful for nearly everyone out there who wants a clearer, more beautiful skin but the people who can most benefit from it are:

  • Those with thin or very sensitive skin
  • Visibly aged skin with presence of wrinkles
  • Those desiring improved and healthier looking skin
  • Those with acne scars or other spots on their skin
  • Those with large or open pores on their facial areas
  • Those who wish for an effective and non-surgical procedure

Unlike many top cosmetic procedures in the world, this treatment is relatively cheaper and shows results. Many people who have gone through the procedure describe it as easy, with mild bruising and dramatic results. The bruising is from the injections that goes away in a weeks’ time leaving zero scars. So if you fit into any of categories listed above or just have a knack pf having a beautiful skin then this treatment is highly recommended and keeping in mind also, the safety it promises.