7 Things You Need to Know About Rejuran Treatments

Rejuran is today’s well known skin healing and anti-aging treatment which was originated from South Korea, but has moved to rest of the world as well. Singapore is also one of the emerging market for this treatment. The procedure improves the overall condition of the skin by regenerating the basic physiology of the skin by protecting the dermis of the skin. It works with the help of PN, which is polynucleotide, which regenerates the tissues of the skin, make it thicker and protects it from toxic effects of sunlight, atmosphere and even aging. Read more about Privé Aesthetics’ Rejuran for face treatments here.

In case you are planning to go for rejuran treatment, there are 7 things you need to be assured of, these are:

Know Your Skin’s Needs

If your skin is full of acnes and scars, then the procedure can help in regeneration of the skin condition. For those who want their skin to get little lighter in skin but brighter in tone, then the procedure is best for you. In case you are young, your acne problem can be treated, or if old, the procedure can help you re-gain the dullness of the skin.

Protecting Your Skin with PN

With the combination of 10 DNA together, polynucleotide is formed. Polynucleotide or PN is also DNA fragments which is taken from the fish, salmon. When it gets inside the skin in the form of an injection, it enters the skin through dermis and thus the natural regeneration is fostered. It also reverses the damage caused to the skin and enhances skin elasticity. It is also able to resist heat and rest of the body parts are not impacted by the procedure.


When someone takes in salmon injection, it is made up of PDRN. PDRN is also skin healer but unlike PN , it has less lasting effect. Whereas PN tends to keep skin fresh and healed for longer time while keeping the skin fresh for long.

Rejuran is Preferred

Rejuran treatment is best for those who do not want to go for the hectic and not so effective botox or filling treatment. People, especially females in their mid- 30s having skin problems like acnes and blemishes. Women with wrinkles all around their eyes, cheeks, neck with stretch marks, which are not showing any natural healing signs. Also, those females who want to have fresh, healthy and natural looking good skin.

Which Parts of the Face Should Receive Treatment?

Rejuran treatment is best for cheeks, chin, cheek bones and forehead. It is normally injected in smaller amounts to smaller areas. However, for each side of the face and depending upon the condition of the skin, the size and quantity of the injection is selected.

Visible Results Within a Week

The impact of the treatment is visible after 2 to 5 days, when in the first phase the hydration of the skin is improved. After 2 to 4 weeks, elasticity of the skin is improved. Wrinkles and pores are also much reduced and after one complete month, the overall natural lift of the skin can be seen. 

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

There are no side effects when compared with other treatments. However, you may have to share with your physician in case you are taking any other treatment along with this one. Because two treatments together can cause some side effects too. So better be aware of all repercussions when opting for the treatment. Slight bruising is expected and will wear off.

Though the procedure is considerably new in the Singapore market, still it is highly considered by many who want to get natural procedures for skin regeneration. You can find Rejuran treatments at most established aesthetic clinics in Singapore.