Various forms of paper

Paper is a material which is produced from trees. It is very thin and its properties are varied by the various chemicals used during its conversion from cellulose fiber pulp to paper. Including properties like printability, opacity, brightness, smooth texture, color, softness etc. everything is due to the chemicals added by the paper and pulp companies.

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There are many different types of papers. They don’t differ in their manufacturing processes but just in the chemicals used for their manufacture. Some of the few types of paper are: Bank paper, paper in books, banana paper, bond paper, papers with glossy finish, papers with matte finish, construction paper, cotton paper, fish paper, inkjet paper, kraft paper, laid paper, leather paper, mummy paper, sandpaper, Tyvek paper, wallpaper, washi, waterproof paper, wax paper, wove paper, xuan paper etc.

Bank paper is a thin and strong paper used for writing, typewriting or other correspondence. When it comes to banana paper, there are two types of banana paper. In the first type of banana paper, the paper is made from the bark of the banana tree whereas the second type of paper extracts fibers from the different parts of the banana tree using industrial processes. These can either be handmade or machine made. They are mainly used to serve artistic purposes. Bond papers  are similar to bank papers but they weigh higher. Book papers are manufactured for publishing books. Glossy finish and matte finish papers are coated with certain polymers to obtain that finish. Some of the materials used for this coating are kaolinite, calcium carbonate etc.

Construction papers are papers which are colored, hard and have a rough surface. It is used for craft work. Cotton paper is manufactured from old cotton rags. These are used for printing important materials. Fish papers are said to be strong and flexible. They resist some amounts of heat and other injuries. It is used mainly for insulation. Inkjet papers are very thin papers which are designed to be used by inkjet printers. Kraft papers are very strong papers and are used for packaging etc.

Papers like sand paper have a very rough material glued to one surface. The rough material used nowadays are aluminium oxide, silicon carbide etc. Wax papers are waterproof papers which are made like that through the application of wax on the paper. Wallpapers are designed papers which are stuck on the wall as decoration.