Interesting ways to prevent and to deal with a pest infestation in Singapore

Singapore is indeed a wonderful place to live in because of the nice people, breathtaking sceneries and so on. If you have a home or an apartment, you definitely will want to keep it clean at all times. But you may observe that despite your best efforts some insect still will still find their way into your living quarter. You probably may be wondering how you are going to prevent these pests from gaining access to your apartment.

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The following article by Lindsay Yap from expat living discusses some practical tips that can help prevent creepy crawlies in your home.

How to prevent and deal with creepy- crawlies in your home

No home is free from pests, but putting in a little extra effort to safeguard your house from tiny unwanted guests can make a whole lot of a difference! Whether it’s preventing bed bugs, termites or even – gulp! – Snakes, pest control expert Rentokil Singapore has plenty of handy hints for preventing and dealing with common household pests. Read more here.

You definitely now know some of the basic ways to prevent pests from infesting your home. But what if there is another way you can prevent pests from entering your home without the use of toxic chemicals.

The following article by biologicco discusses some tips and tricks you can use to prevent and control pest through the use of Nematodes.

Tips and tricks for successful pest control with Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes can be a great alternative to chemical pesticides and a very effective addition to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. However, beneficial nematodes are living organisms and using them for pest control does require accurate information, proper storage and shipping and careful application. Here are some of our top tips and tricks to help you be successful at killing pest insects with nematodes. Read more here.

You probably now know how effective Nematodes can be especially when it comes to pest control. Knowing about the types of Nematodes will help you determine the right type that will meet up with your exact need.

The following article by Tricia Mangan shed more light on some types of nematodes.

Types of Parasitic Nematodes

Nematodes are small worms found in water, soil, plants, and animals, and there are roughly 10,000 known species throughout the world. While some nematodes are free-living, others are parasitic and need other organisms (called hosts) to keep themselves alive. Once attached to their host, they divert nutrients and feed off of blood, tissues or pieces of cells to facilitate their own growth. While in some cases these parasitic nematodes can help control pests, in other cases they can cause damage, illness or death to the host organism. Read more here.

Of course, you would agree that there are a lot of ways you can prevent pests from infesting your home. One of these ways is through the use of Nematodes. Learning more about the different types of nematodes will help you determine the one that will be able to handle your needs.