Business Advantages of using SAP Business One

One of the primary concerns of small and medium size enterprises is choosing the correct business management software as keeping a track of all the core business processes is solely dependent on the software. This is the reason a lot of research and effort has been done to come up with the all in one solution by Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing called the SAP Business One. In this article, the different benefits of using SAP Business One for your enterprise needs will be discussed from different aspects.

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Business Advantages of using SAP Business One

One-stop-shop solution as One is a comprehensive business management solution: CRM, finance, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, inventory control, and banking. It is a solution that grows together with your business as is an IT solution that adapts to the growth of your business without user restrictions or storage limitations. Details of all the benefits SAP Business One can have on a business can be found here!

Increased profits can be achieved by using SAP Business One as the software allows immediate access to all of the information for your business so that you can provide better customer support or have the potential to identify any potential sales opportunities. This will cumulatively help in growing the business, which in turn will lead to higher business profits.

Improved business efficiency can easily be achieved if a business completely shifts their data on the SAP Business One software as all data could be easily be accessible to every employee regardless of their physical presence. Having all the data in this way can lead to saving a lot of valuable time due to a centralized database, the time taken for decisions to be made is reduced significantly so that new business can be generated.

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Benefits of SAP Business One for Manufacturers

Manufacturers need to understand their business from every angle; reliable planning, efficient order processing, and complete transparency are crucial to understanding products, orders, and customers. The right ERP system can provide this by giving you the information you need to make informed decisions and boost profitability through better management of inventory, supply chain expenses, and lead times. SAP Business One is ideal for this purpose, offering flexibility and functionality across all aspects of your business. Read more here!

The following benefits can be obtained by manufacturers if they opt to use SAP Business One for handling their business:

Improved Materials Requirements Planning
One of the most important assistance that SAP Business One provides to purchasing and procurement team is that it allows them to easily manage and schedule materials according to customizable standards.

Inventory Management
The software has an in-built warehouse and bin location tracking system that assists in enhanced management of the stock and warehouse data which leads to a better and advanced inventory management. It can also store a specific price or a pre-defined pricing agreement for all the stock that is in the warehouse.

Improved Lot Traceability
One of the most remarkable function that the software has is that it is capable of optimizing the inventory data by making sure that the count of products in the inventory are always favorable. It also keeps a track of the expiration date of the products stored in the inventory so that you do not have to worry about it.

Cost Benefits of using SAP Business One

The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) understand that investing in an end-to-end SAP solution only serves to enhance, and often, expedite their business growth. The initial upfront investment of money, time and process reengineering which an SAP implementation brings, can set a company on the path to future success in terms of revenue, employee attrition with sophisticated infrastructure and customer satisfaction. To know more about it in detail, click here!

Using SAP Business One can be beneficial in a lot of ways for SMEs as it can help their growth and revenues. Following is the detail on how using such software�s can assist SMEs.

SAP Business One is designed specifically to cater to the needs of SMEs as it is the most affordable software available which has the capabilities of adapting the changing and growing needs of your company overtime. Furthermore, you have the capacity to enhance and adapt the software as your business transitions to newer ventures or enters a new market.

There are a lot of international and national laws which SMEs are subjected to regarding warehouse and inventory management, human resource and finance which are automatically taken care of as SAP Business One adheres to all these laws.

SAP business one is available on the Play store and App store which means that you will be able to access all data of your firm on the go. This means that being stuck in a building to be aware of everything that is going on in your business is in the past.

In conclusion, using a business management software like SAP Business One is necessary for small and medium enterprise if it is aiming for growth and security for the business. Choosing the right service provider is important to make sure that the services are fit for the money that is being paid for the software and a after sales service is available to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Merged Modern Technologies

Merged Modern Technologies

Old and Traditional methods used in industries in manufacturing processes are being changed worldwide with the new and advanced techniques. Not only manufacturing but all the processes involved from manufacturing till the delivery at the customers’ door step are being auto controlled and done perfectly with accuracy. The machinery used in industries is completely computer based and digital nowadays. Many of the things are robotics based and are being controlled through artificial intelligence with the help of latest computer systems and high speed internet. So, the percentage of error is reduced almost to zero and the accuracy has been increased up to 99%. This world has really evolved from ancient age of cow pulling carts to the modern racket and spaceship age with the use and adoption of modern technology.

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An article related to such an amazing advancement in technology by Conrad Leiva could be read here.

Smart Manufacturing & Its’ Smartness

For smart manufacturing, we are just starting to educate on the principles and how to tell if projects and initiatives are making progress toward a smart manufacturing enterprise. Read more here!

Smart manufacturing is basically an aim or an effort to lift up the arrangement of manufacturing process to simply new level, where everything is digitalized and approximately auto operated and self-controlled i.e. from manufacturing of the product to its delivery. Smart Manufacturing technique is helping the business tycoons and company owners to build Smart Industries. An industry will be transformed into a smart industry by following certain steps, i.e. decreasing manual data entry and transforming it into auto mode, auto detection of faults and alarm initiation for notifying the specific department or personnel, automate routine tasks and decision as per preset values and targets, calculation of processed items and data display at main control room and suggesting the changes if needed etc. An industry becomes smart if it involves or uses stated phenomenon or settings in their manufacturing process and others.  This will reduce the labor cost, human efforts, and time required to trace the fault and fix it if required in any case and surely it will increase the overall profit of the company. An article about the same topic by NIST team could be read here.

Benefits of Adopting Smart Manufacturing

Some of the implications for small manufacturers is that retail customers, OEMs and business-to-business customers will all have to face this integration of OT and IT to stay a valued part of the supply chain as an integrated partner. Read more here!

Smart Manufacturing is all about implementing the advanced and intelligent equipment, devices, systems and techniques in your company or industry for the increased profit and growth of your business. Smart Manufacturing becomes beneficial for both the owner and labor working in an industry in many ways. For example, the risk to human life is decreased because of the automatic machines. Also, the human efforts and labor cost are reduced almost to 50% due to industrial automation. And most importantly, the accuracy of the manufacturing process is improved and percentage error is decreased which in turn increases productivity. Smart Manufacturing has great impact on the trends being followed in almost all the industries. Another amazing article about the similar topics by the team Supply Chain Dive could be read here.

Different Technologies Shaping Smart Manufacturing

Five years ago, MHI CEO George Prest and his team set out on a trip across the country to ask materials handling stakeholders a simple question: Where do you see the industry in 2025? Read more here!

Smart Manufacturing is basically all about the use of latest technologies in industries. Through past several years, different technologies have been used or introduced in industries to make it as a Smart Industry by the help of Smart Manufacturing. Few of which are, Sensors & Automation, Robotics & Automation, Driverless vehicles and Drones, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing & Storage, Inventory and Network Optimization and Internet of Things etc. These technologies played different roles like, with the help of automation techniques and robotics everything became easy and self-controlled with the use of few buttons or keys on latest Computers with the help of internet. Driverless vehicles proved to be intelligent enough to avoid any mishap or accident and turned to be efficient. These technologies increased the profit of the industries.

Concluding the whole discussion to one point that past few years have been a great era for the inventions because latest technologies have been introduced with unique devices and drives. And also, Smart Manufacturing is growing day by day and one day every small or big industry follow Smart Manufacturing concept.

What being an SAP partner entails

What being an SAP partner entails

As a business owner, it is your duty to source for new technologies that will take your business to the next level. But doing this is not always easy because there are a lot of new systems and technologies on the market. Choosing among them is usually a problem. Also, some of them are too complicated to use or expensive to maintain. 

That said, it might surprise you to know that there is a system that is easy to use and can simplify your business processes. It is known as SAP.

SAP is a heavyweight business organization that has more than 300,000 customers and a massive cloud customer base that is growing every day. They are presently providing solutions to a wide range of industries.

Partnering with SAP will give you the edge you need to outshine your competitors and become dominant in your industry. The SAP partnering program that is presently open offers an opportunity for businesses to become part of a massive ecosystem.

The SAP program is structured into different partner levels and categories. To choose among them, you first have to take a close look at what each category has to offer. Doing this, will help you determine the category and level that will be best for your company.

Before submitting an application to become an SAP partner, it is important that you first understand their evaluation process. 

Planning, they say is the key to success. So, if you want your application process to go smoothly, you should make a comprehensive plan. This may mean, creating a to-do list of important tasks that need to be completed for your application process. Another thing you should incorporate into your to-do list is the steps you are going to take after you have been accredited as a partner. Doing this will increase the benefits you are going to enjoy and the opportunities that will come your way.

As you probably now know, no two categories of partnering certification are the same. For certain categories, you may be required to submit the product you sell. This is done to see if your product is up to standard. It may also be necessary for you to send two or more of your staffs on SAP training program. This is usually a part of the membership process. For high-level partnering categories, you may be required to submit your business plan, financial information and sales forecasts.

Many businesses partnering with SAP have experienced massive growth and have become more productive. If you become an SAP partner, you are going to benefit as well.

You likely may be wondering how exactly you are going to benefit when you partner with SAP. Read on to find out.

When you are an SAP partner, you are going to benefit from the brand association. You customer are going to view you as credible and trust you. Even more, you are going to have access to a wide range of benefits and partner services. These services include the following-

  • You will be able to use the SAP partner logo
  • You will be given access to a massive image library and some top-notch tools you can easily use to build your business.
  • Higher partner level, will give you access to MDF funds and sales lead.

Final note

Becoming part of the SAP community of more than 300,000 customers will open your business to new opportunities and experts in various industries that will take your business to a whole new stratosphere. You will also be given a ticket to participate in SAP hosted workshops, campaigns, and events that will improve your output.